Mingo Creek Lab

CAC Staff at the Mingo Creek Lab

Why Mingo Creek?

We selected Mingo Creek as the first focal point for this project because:

1. It demonstrates how extreme weather events can galvanize policy initiatives

-Tulsa's response to the Memorial Day flood of 1984 helped establish the flood mitigation approach now used by cities, states and the federal government

-The events of 1984 also played a key role in the creation of the Oklahoma Mesonet

2. The materials related to the history of this event are at risk and spread out among many different archives

What is on the site right now?

This portion of the site features archival materials made available by the Carl Albert Center Congressional and Political Collections, the City of Tulsa Engineering Services Department, and members of the public. It includes over 4,000 pages of digitized text, 255 photographs, 90 maps, and over 100 minutes of oral history.

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You can still contribute materials!

Yes! We are interested in collecting residents’ stories, photos or other items to document the history of Mingo Creek and its impact on residents’ lives and their neighborhoods.If you have stories, photographs and documents related to flooding along Mingo Creek please contact us! We would digitize any of these materials and record oral histories about the floods in that part of Tulsa, all free-of-charge!


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