Lake Thunderbird Lab

Why Lake Thunderbird?

We selected Lake Thunderbird as a Local History Lab because:

1. Its creation underscores how the environment and politics intersect in Oklahoma, having profound fallout for individuals and communities alike

2. Lake Thunderbird is a vital, but overlooked part of Norman's history

3. The materials related to the history of this event are at risk and spread out among many different archives

What is on the site right now?

Archival materials made available by the Carl Albert Center Congressional and Political Collections and the Western History Collection of the University of Oklahoma Libraries related to the creation of the lake. 

View the Collection


You can contribute materials!

Yes! We are interested in collecting residents’ stories, photos or other items to document the history of Lake Thunderbird and its impact on residents’ lives.If you have stories, photographs and documents related to Lake Thunderbird please contact us


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