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Interview with Janice Sharpton

Janice Sharpton

Interview with Janice Sharpton in which she discusses her family's experiences with flooding during the 1970s along Mingo Creek. Sharpton mentions evacuating her home twice, flood cleanup efforts, and moving after the flood. View the transcript


Interview with Nancy Kincaid Deacon

Nancy Kincaid Deacon

Interview conducted with Nancy Kincaid Deacon about her experiences as a flood victim and political activist in the 1970s. She discusses her work on flood prevention, working with city officials and citizens, and the events of the June 1974…


After the Flood

Janice Sharpton

Images of the June 1974 flood. Taken four blocks from Mingo Creek at 461 S. 92nd E. Ave. They feature images of Janice Sharpton's friends helping clean up the damage. Note that the grass is brown from the dirt and mud.