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Interview with Nancy Kincaid Deacon

Nancy Kincaid Deacon

Interview conducted with Nancy Kincaid Deacon about her experiences as a flood victim and political activist in the 1970s. She discusses her work on flood prevention, working with city officials and citizens, and the events of the June 1974…


Files of Nancy Kincaid Deacon

Nancy Kincaid Deacon

Nancy Kincaid Deacon assembled these files over the years that she worked to address the issue of flooding in Tulsa. A victim of stormwater flooding, she went on to play a key role in bolstering awareness of the issue in the 1970s and 1980s.


Interview with Mayor Terry Young

Mayor Terry Young

Interview conducted with Mayor Terry Young about his experience before, during, and after the Memorial Day flood of 1984. Young served as Mayor of Tulsa from 1984 to 1986. He had just assumed the post days before the Memorial Day flood. Young…


Mingo Creek Flooding

Michael "Mike" Lynn Synar, 1950-1996

Contains a memo regarding the Mingo Creek flooding and the potential cost increases to the Tulsa area.


Mingo Creek

Michael "Mike" Lynn Synar, 1950-1996

Contains newspaper clippings related to funding for the Mingo Creek flood prevention project.