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U.S. Dept. of Interior, Plan of Development for Norman Project

Harold S. Cooksey, 1954-1970

Contains correspondence with the Department of the Interior and reports from the Army Corps of Engineers.


Correspondence and a thesis by William F. Wade on the Little River Reservoir

Harold S. Cooksey, 1954-1970

Contains program for the lake's dedication, correspondence regarding the ceremony, and a graduate thesis on the reservoir.


Arkansas River Basin: Little River/Thunderbird

Page Belcher, 1889-1980

Contains a copy of the report the Department of the Interior delivered to Congress related to the Little River Project.


Conservation, Norman Project in Oklahoma

Robert S. Kerr, 1896-1963

Concerns the Norman Project on the Little River in Canadian Basin in Cleveland County, Oklahoma. Folder contains lengths report done in 1954 by U.S. Department of the Interior and prepared by Bureau of Reclamation on plan of development for the…


Interior, Bureau of Reclamation

Robert S. Kerr, 1896-1963

Oklahoma City water supply, including consideration of Tenkiller Reservoir and Union Reservoir as possible sources; municipal water supply for Ravia; settlement on Columbia Basin Project in Washington; Bureau investigation in Oklahoma; possibility of…